happy 9 month birthday babe

Happy 9 month birthday Conner. I was actually awake tossing and turning this morning at 2:39 am and thought of you sweetheart.

here are a few things I dearly miss about you:

your sweet brown eyes and how they focus on me in sweet moments

your kisses you give me, open mouth and wet

your squishy tummy and the bellybutton I give raspberries on

your cute giggle I hear giving you those yummy raspberries

cute Price chunky toes and feet

giving you a shower with me at night

cuddling you to sleep on our rocking chair

falling asleep with you by my side

you 'attacking' me when I'm laying on the ground

your toothless grin and bright eyes

miss you

love you


here is a sweet video Corin took of Conner, in his new favorite hideout.

See you in less than a week. Start preparing for a fun weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey! When in June will you all be in UT? I may be coming to AZ in June or July with the boys...we will see. June is kind of crazy for us right now. I miss you all a ton! I will call again soon! Love ya!

Tammy said...

WOW! I had no idea so much has been happening for you! I bet you are going nuts without your babies! Darn getting sick! I have been trying to catch up since I missed everything. How are you feeling? why did you need back surgery in the first place? how come it was longer than the original 6 weeks? What a crazy time for you! WOW!

Graves Family said...

thanks for making me cry! i really need to hold my baby now.

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