april 24

It is supposed to be beautiful today! Up and at 'em at their usual time. All were dry too!
I have had Conner in our closet for over a week now. He fusses here and there. I have been giving him a bottle around 2:00. Last night had had 12 oz! He starts to stir around 5:00, but I let him fuss it out a little. He'll stay down for a couple of more hours.
We were outside most of the day. I worked on the yard. The kids helped me spread out dirt on our bare spots and put down seed. I ran out of dirt and the patch master mix. I picked up more later in the afternoon when I ran to take Julia's picture next to her photo she edited that is on display in our School District's Art show. It is quite an honor to have a piece picked to be displayed and she is only in Photography I.
I put Kendall down for a nap on the top bunk. I checked on him about 1/2 an hour later. It was quiet. I walked in to move him to Jaley's bed and he was playing. On the floor. He climbed down from the top bunk. I put him in his crib ... and it still took some time for him to fall asleep. By 2:00 I decided I would just keep Cade up. He was loving the beautiful weather outside (it wasn't as muddy today after the 16+ inches of snow melted). I don't want Kendall to show Cade how to climb down off of the top bunk. That is my saving grace right now with Cade. When I put Cade up there, he can't get down. I'm guaranteed he will nap. Guaranteed he will fall asleep at night and not get out of his room.
Kaylee got 3 major scratches on her left lens of her glasses this afternoon. I don't know how she did it. We were outside... Thankfully we have the "insurance" - the gal told me that it would cover major scratches for lens replacement. I'm not going to do anything yet because she has an appointment next Friday with the eye doctor (he will decide if we need to patch her eye at this appointment). If her perscription changes, we have to have them change her lens. I'm glad I read their little pamphlet on the "insurance coverage" we purchased with the glasses. It said that if your perscription changes within 60 days of the perscription, they will change the lens for free. We have to take advantage of that because her lens' were close to $100 (and that was with the "kid package" discount). Her type of lens isn't the super durable scratch resistant because we had to get the ultra light lens due to her perscription being so drastic.
I picked up a rotisserie chicken tonight. The kids gobbled it up. Cade went crazy over the frozen corn. Here's to hoping for nice weather tomorrow ... I need to finish up my yard project. The kids could use some more outdoor time too! The high today was about 78 degrees F!

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