april 25

Kaylee was up early - and wet. So sad. I don't know what was different. I did the bathroom/bedtime routine. She wanted her privacy went she went potty (we have been talking about the importance of privacy - hopefully she did empty her bladder...who knows since she had the door shut) She didn't complain about not having her princesses which was good, but I have added an extra incentive for her to be dry. I told her that those who are dry get to pick the movie for the day. Cade was dry. "Oh, not Cars. I'll be dry tomorrow, I promise." silly girl!
Remember Kaylee getting Cade to do her "dirty work" (taking toys from Kendall, etc) aka "hitman" as Shannon called it. Kaylee has a new hitman. Kendall. Literally. John and I couldn't resist a good chuckle as we saw Kendall chase Cade around the island past the kitchen table turn the corner and back around through the other entry into the kitchen ... trying to hit Cade. For Kaylee. We stopped him, don't worry! It was pretty funny though. poor little kiddo...gets picked on so much...my sweet cade!
It is interesting to see how Kaylee and Cade are when the other isn't around. Cade and Kendall play really well together when Kaylee isn't around and vice-a-versa. All 3 do well together too, but they do have their moments.
Shannon has a sweet post on her blog about Conner turning 9 months. Happy 9 months baby boy! He was pretty happy, considering. He hasn't been eating well the last 2 days and this afternoon I discovered fluid coming from his left ear. I called Shannon. Take him in to the doctor. Urgent Care is what is available on the weekends. I remember my pediatrician mentioning a new urgent care center for children that just opened. I thought I'd check it out. Our doctor was on call! It was so nice to have her check him out. Poor kid. Double ear infections. You wouldn't know just looking at him. Well, if you did watch him eat his solids yesterday and today he would turn his head to the left and yank at his ear with almost every bite. I was wondering yesterday if something was going on, but he seemed perfectly fine other than that. He had a very fussy moment last night too. glad we got those ear tubes when we did! they're a life saver, and sanity saver!
With Kaylee up early and everyone else still sleeping, I headed outside to finish up my patching of the bare non-grassy areas in our lawn. It was a bit chilly and misty. It wasn't a great weather day. Chilly all day and damp. No rain, just damp. The girls had ballroom dance. That took up my morning. We cleaned in the afternoon and then I headed out with Conner to the Urgent Care center and then ran some quick errands. phew, i'm tired just reading all this!
The day slipped by.

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