april 26

John let me sleep in today. I was awake by 7:30 but decided to be lazy until about 8:15.
John....you're our hero! I love it when David does this for me, and he does it often!
Kaylee wasn't really interested in her princesses. She wasn't excited about going to church to play with them either. Since she has been dry so many times, the princesses don't seem to be as "special" ... that is why I added the "you get to pick a movie" reward. I'm sure it will need to be changed around here and there (and still have the princesses disappear on a wet day).
hmmm....gotta switch things up....she's keeping us busy.
Conner stayed home from church due to his double ear infection. Kendall too. He has a nasty cough. Julia was fighting a cold. It was a missionary farewell today. The meeting went over. Cade and Kaylee were DONE before the meeting even started. Needless to say, I was in the hall on the couch with them the last 15 minutes. It is hard to handle them without people in between the two of them. They both know how to push each other's buttons and they don't understand (or use) the importance of indoor reverent voices when one takes something away from the other. Cade had a couple of loud outbursts. Kaylee thought a rough hug would be fun as well. I was so grateful to hear the organ playing the closing hymn. Shannon ... you've got to find someone to help you if David doesn't attend Sacrament Meeting! The swapped schedule doesn't help either. I think it would be easier if Sacrament Meeting was first and if we had church in the morning. The no naps on Sunday is hard on Cade (at least during Sacrament Meeting).
sundays are difficult...you're definately a trooper. Sacrament even first is tough for us still. Taking them out and making them (actually Cade) uncomfortable is hard at times, he usually is 'good with it all'....he's not too 'god fearing' yet! Sometimes we're out in 'time out' during sacrament 3 or 4 times.
I made Red Beans and Rice for dinner. Kidney Beans, celery, Andouille Sausage (a bit spicy ... it is what makes the dish), and chicken bullion broth (I didn't have onions, but was still yummy). It is served over rice with sour cream and guacamole. We got Cade to eat 4 HUGE bites before he could eat his banana. He is stubborn, but I won tonight.
Good job on keeping the stubborness at bay.
Conner is doing better. Both ears were draining today. With the nasty drainage, I'm surprised he wasn't more miserable. The tubes must make the ear infections so much more tolerable for him because the fluid is allowed to drain. We've got to keep an eye on that kid when he gets even the slightest cold. Last time it turned into RSV. This time the double ear infection. He still has a raspy cough.
I'm so glad that we were able to get him the meds he needed. Sure is a busy time taking care of these Williams kids! They take a lot of attention...and moolah to keep alive and well!
thanks corin!

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