trentons senior pics

I had the opportunity to take photos of a family friend while I was up in CO visiting the kiddos. It was pretty dang fun! He was willing to do anything crazy I told him to do. While he was laying in the middle of the road some lady pulled up in her car asking if everything was ok. "yeah, we're just taking some senior photos!" I guess it's not that often that you see a kid laying in the middle of the street with someone above them just taking photos. I must have looked like I was 'kickin him while he was down'.
Thanks Trenton! Enjoy!

I hear that Trenton has an AMAZING singing voice...we'll, maybe I'll ransome these precious pics until you serenade me! tee hee hee...I sure wish I had that talent, but then again, there is always a need for an audience!

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Kelly Anderson said...

great job! i'm taking sr. pics for someone in a couple of weeks...i need to scope out some good locations/textures.

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