april 19

Beautiful outside. The snow is starting to melt in the pathway made by our neighbor's snowblower.
Boys were dry. Kaylee is sad. I don't know what happened. I wasn't home to put her to bed so I am afraid whoever did, forgot to have her empty her bladder. Sometimes she will sit on the potty and do her other business at night and not empty her bladder. Whoever is putting her to bed needs to make sure there is colored water in the toilet before she gets off (sorry for being so graphic, but Shannon needs to know this information - we have spent a long time figuring out these tricks and I don't want to forget to pass on important information!).
Kerst has fighting a crummy cold. It is Ward Conference today. I had to go in to church early and do Primary Music for another ward during their Ward Conference so the teacher could attend the adult meeting. The other ward covered for our Primary as well. John stayed home with the boys. It was nice to have Kendall and Cade get a nap. Conner is starting with a little cough. With his recent RSV bout over Spring Break, I would prefer to keep him home. Kendall has a yucky cough too. Kaylee played with her princesses during Sacrament Meeting. She even shared with a couple of little girls behind us. That went well until they took her horse and carriage. Everything worked out. It is good for Kaylee to learn to share. It is hard when it is something you love so much and you are only 4.
Conner's bum is so much better. He definitely had an internal yeast infection. The medication Shannon sent out cleared it up in less than 2 days. It was the Z pack that he was on for his Spring Break illness that threw his body off.
I must say it is SO nice to have both little boys potty trained. Kendall runs up to me and yells "gotta go potty!" - his undies are a tad wet, but he "stopped his pea - in Kaylee's words" and finished in the potty. I have to admit, I won't miss diapers, but I will miss having my little guy being the baby.

so, colored water, what color is it supposed to be? tee hee hee!fun to hear that you were able to attend the adult meeting....such a great idea. hope the boys get better....hate coughs. this week is supposed to be upper 90's. tomorrow is supposed to be 100....and it's not MAY yet! wanna come visit! ha ha!great job sharing kaylee, you're such a big girl! that is what a princess would do, share with her little friends.I'm so so so happy that the diflucan cleared up his bottom...we were able to figure it all out...eventually. It was definately worth the cost of shipping overnight! just keep it, in case you need it again. now we know it has a longer shelf life than we thought! tee hee heethanks for teaching cade to use the potty and kaylee to be dry at night. Hmmm....let me think of something else for you to do.i love these stories!

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