april 18

When I went to bed last night the snow had stopped and we were surrounded with fog. I figured we were finished with the snow.
No. More snow when I woke up this morning. In fact it snowed until 3:00 in the afternoon without letting up. The snow plow did a horrible job plowing our street. We usually get one swipe of the entire street during any snowfall and that is it. This time the plow only did one side of the street. We were stuck. I wasn't planning on going out - all three little boys have runny noses. I'm bracing for more double sneezes from Cade. I figured prom would be cancelled due to the weather. News would be posted on our school website at noon.
Julia was brought home from her Grand Junction trip in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. They got stuck! I was shocked to see that the prom was still on. We were nearing 16 inches of snow. Now we had to get out and pick up flowers. I got stuck twice trying to get out. Our neighbor used his snowblower and cleared a path on our street for our van. It still didn't work. John was finally able to get out with his little car.
The kids enjoyed TONS of snowmen snowcones. It was nice to be stuck in the house. Jaley was a huge help and helped me organize our bookcase. She rearranged the furniture in the family room. I'll leave it like that for awhile. There is more open crawling room for Conner. I have been filling Conner up with fresh pears mixed with Infant Oatmeal Cereal. He also will eat an entire banana. His diapers are starting to really stink ... it is sad with that change, but he needs real food! I must say I love my Kid Co food grinder. No electricity needed. I'm glad I still had it. When Kendall grew up and I stopped daycare, I got rid of most everything.
I took Julia to her date's house for her first prom. She was stunning. Gorgeous. Kaylee even told Julia that she was beautiful just before we left. Her date, Alex, was very handsome in his tux. They were the cutest and best looking couple in the group that met at Alex's house for pictures. Julia's dress was the only modest one there. Julia even said that she had the prettiest dress at her date's prom (different High School). I'm proud of her keeping her dress modest. It is difficult when all there is out here are strapless, spaghetti straps and super short options. We still find ways to make it work.

snow snow snow snow! wow, and it's mid april!glad Julia got home safe. I was getting worried.I wish I could enjoy some snowmen snowcones too! I love those photos of the prom! Julia is so stunning. She takes such good care of herself for only being in 9th grade, and even when she was younger. I'm embarassed to look at my 9th grade photo! tee hee hee. They looked like a sharp couple!Kaylee is definately the best judge on beautifulness...she's a princess in training after all! That is so sweet to hear Kaylee say that. Good girl.

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