april 6

All were dry (except Conner, of course)! Kaylee usually tells me at night that she already went potty - she told me the same thing last night when I asked her to go to the bathroom. I made her go back on the potty and make sure. You'd think she hadn't gone all day when I had her go one last time.

Cade is VERY observant. I have some cars for the boys (the same cars just to make life easier). They both have a mini Lightening McQueen and mini Mater. Cade swore Kendall had his car. How could he tell? Sure enough I took a closer look and one Mater had a darker front than the other. Cade is my little observer. He can always tell in the slightest of differences.

Kaylee had a run in with "honesty" yesterday. Time out works, but doesn't seem to be long lasting. I told Kaylee yesterday that if she does something she knows she shouldn't (get in the girls' rooms and take something), that she would be on time out AND her princesses would be as well. Today she went into Jenna's room and took a candy cane. She had it stashed in her hoodie pocket. She doesn't hide her guilt or contraband well. Jenna's door was shut and locked. I'm glad she is not super sneaky and shuts the door and locks it behind her. She was on time out and I put her princesses on time out as well. You would have thought her world came to an end. "I can't do it anymore. I promise, " were her tearful words. A majority of the princesses were on time out until Jenna got home. I told Kaylee she needed to tell Jenna she is sorry and promise not to do it again. (Already teaching her the steps of repentance; it's never too early to learn!). We talked about what would happen next time. Time out for ALL of the princesses - Kaylee included. I remember studying this in Child Development years ago. I wish I didn't have such a fuzzy memory

I am going to start putting the boys in pants hopefully tomorrow. Right now it is nice to not have to worry about extra clothing with getting to the potty on time. I need to make sure they can survive Church on Sunday fully dressed! We are on our 3rd week and already 1 week of no accidents ... yeehawww!

I spoke too soon. Cade had an accident after having a snowman snowcone just before dinner. That seems to be the trend with him. I need to really watch him after he eats one. awww!

Kendall was standing by our green chair in the family room when he yelled, "Go potty!" He had a look of fear on his face. I quickly ran over expecting to see a huge puddle on the carpet. Nothing! His underwear had a small wet spot, but nothing really. I was SOOOOO happy! He realized he had to go. He looked at me and smiled when I took him to the potty. "Stop pee!" He's been listening to me talk to Kaylee. This has been good for all 3 of them. They are learning so much from each other. Kendall's language developement has taken off in the last month. It blows me away! Kaylee still has her own language I catch her using when she says her prayers or just wants to jabber. I gently remind her to use real words so we understand her cute things she wants to tell us. Cade doesn't have any jibberish. His prayers are cute too.
I gotta hear his prayer. I can't wait!

Speaking of prayers...they take a long time at our house lately. All 3 little ones want a turn. Their own turn without interruptions or they start over, namely Kendall. ha ha!

The kids had fun chatting with Shannon on the web cam.

Here's to pants tomorrow on the boys! Hoping for a dry night!

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