april 7

All dry again!!! Yahoo!!! This is two in a row for Kaylee. Cade's 3rd and Kendall's 5th! I know I will lose track ... actually hope to lose track. That means they are staying dry and I don't have to start at day zero again. The trick so far is to MAKE them sit on the potty and empty their bladder right before bed - even if that means to take their diaper off. Even if it means Kaylee has to sit on the potty for several minutes like she did last night. It paid off. They also get about a tablespoon or two of water if they ask for a drink. No more sippy cups in bed filled with an inch of water.
I cut Cade's hair again. Last time he fought me. Shannon said he does the same for her. That made me feel better. This time I thought I'd pull out the bribes again. Food. That ALWAYS works for Cade! I told him he could have a sucker if he sat still during his haircut. I had it unwrapped on the counter for him to see. He did great!
I threw Cade in the tubby with his sucker while I got ready. I rounded up Kaylee and Kendall and put them in the tubby as well. Cade's sucker was almost gone. Soon I heard a sad sound from Cade. "My sucker." Sure enough the stick was floating in the water. No way would it dissolve; it had a tootsie center. Kaylee was on her tummy looking guilty. She looked up at me chewing the tootsie part.
hang on guys....it gets good!Cade got to take Kaylee's princesses as part of her punishment. "I promise I can't do it again." She is figuring out that this rule is for everyone - even Kendall - she took his granola bar and was sneaking it upstairs.
Cade and Kendall had a ball with the princesses.
Kaylee and I took some time to go through some role playing. If you see ____________ and it isn't yours, what will you do? If you see Kendall's granola bar and he isn't eating it what would you do?
Kendall, are you going to eat your granola bar? Can I have a bite? Thank you (or, that's OK, I can wait for lunch/dinner/snack) - I just wanted to ask. Role playing is important. I did some role playing with her during the boys nap time with her princesses. I had Captain Hook be the bad guy not choosing the right. Kaylee was the mom with the Fairy Godmother.I was going about my morning business and it felt like I had a piece of glass in my foot. I couldn't find anything. Upon a closer look, I found a piece of Cade's hair stuck in my foot. It hurt! Immediate relief once I pulled it out. It was like a needle. He has thick hair. He has wirey hair. There are times that I have found one of my hairs stuck in one of my finger print parts of my finger. yeah....weird!
Cade and Kaylee had a "dance off" during lunch. Kendall would have joined in but he was buckled in his booster seat.Cade down for a nap first; he had no nap yesterday. He fell asleep quickly.
It was BEAUTIFUL outside today! The kids played with Kerst in the backyard after he got home from school. I put Conner in Shannon's sling she made and walked Jaley to and from her piano lesson. He enjoyed the fresh air. Some cute cute videos!
Cheese Ravioli. Cade LOVED it. He had to take a bite of vegetables in order to get another serving.
I did the swim team run. John put the kids to bed. Conner fell asleep on the family room floor waiting patiently for his turn to be tucked in bed. too sweet!

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