april 20-23

Geeze ... what happened to me?
Pretty much the same. The kids get up early. The sun is going down later so they are staying up later. Kaylee has been pretty tired lately but won't take a nap. How can I convince her that she can't take rain checks for naps and cash them in when she is in High School. She needs to enjoy them now! Today (April 23) she took a nap in the car. It made a huge difference for her for the afternoon. Someday she'll wanna sleep in and take naps....just wait. These kids have David's nack for getting up early. boundless energy...something I have a hard time getting a hold of and keeping.
The weather has been beautiful. Yesterday Kaylee and Cade played on the swing set for over an hour just swinging. Kaylee came up to me "so happy" because Cade said "YES!" Yes to what? "Cade said YES he would marry me in the temple. I'm so happy!" That is so completely sweet! I can't wait to hear that conversation! I've been talking to her about marrying in the temple over the phone and chat...so so cute! It was pretty cute. Kaylee calls Cade her brother. Cade calls Kaylee his brother as well. They crack me up. funny little kiddos
Conner has a new spot he gets stuck in. He crawls and sits in the middle of our kitchen chairs. Stuck. (note - I have some pictures and a cute video I need to post for you. My camera had disappeared downstairs and I discovered it today! I'm back in business). Can't wait for the photos! I'm really missing these new stages in him. really missing it.
Today I was sitting on the steps heading upstairs watching Conner waiting to see what he would do. He pulled himself up to the first step. He balanced himself and then put his knee up on the step and pulled himself up a step. Oh boy...I'm in trouble. He even decided he wanted to follow the kids downstairs. I was watching him again to see if he still had "fear" in him for the edge. Nope. He started to try to follow after the kids ... head first. He was really cute up on the walkway from Kerst/Kendall/Cade/Kaylee's room to our room. There is a banister there. He was sitting there looking down at Cade and Kendall playing with their balls. His toothless grin was adorable. sweet. so sweet.
It was "Take your child to work" day today. John took Kerst, Jaley and Jenna (Julia had a Jazz Competition at UNC). I went up at noon to pick them up (that is when Kaylee took her MUCH needed nap). We met up with him at his building and right across the street were over a dozen horses. Cade was able to pet and feed one. Kendall was not as brave at first but eventually stuck his hand out. (note - more pictures). Good job Cade! So proud of you. Good job Kendall!
We spent the rest of the afternoon outside; it was beautiful (of course Kendall and Cade took the much desired nap). The kids helped me chop down our "weed tree", pulled weeds from the walk way and pulled up some plants so that we can get ready to plant a garden (yahoo!). Kaylee had fun pulling weeds with me. She was a great help! Kaylee is such a great helper!
Quick tubby. Quick phone call. Tired kids. All are asleep.... I was sad to only be able to talk for a moment and then have to leave...so sad. I had to go on a few visits with the RS president. Give them extra hugs for me.

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