april 16

All dry again! In fact, Kaylee slept in until 8:00 and was still dry! Cade was up early ready for breakfast. Conner did ok in the closet. He still woke up at 11:30, 2:00 and then again at 5:00. I left him in the closet until around 6:00, fed him and then put him down again.
Conner napped great in the closet today. It is very VERY dark in there!
I still can't believe how fast he (Conner) is scooting. John put him on the floor by the kitchen sink, turned around to rinse out a washcloth and turned around again. "Where's Conner?" Conner was just turning the corner heading into the dining room. ...how cute. I gotta see some video of this! too cute!
Conner has amazing depth perception. I double checked today. I put him in the doorway of my room and I sat a couple of steps down (the stairway is right by my doorway). Conner crawled out of the door way and was just grinning from ear to ear looking at me. He crawled towards me and stopped at the top of the steps and wouldn't go any farther. Good boy! cute cute cute cute!
Kendall is loving his cousins. Kaylee doesn't want to share ... we are working on that. I know it is a hard concept at that age (or when you are a teenager ... and I have a hard time understanding some of my adult friends that don't get along with their siblings) that our brother (or sister) is our friend, in fact our best friend. I tell Kaylee that her mommy is my sister and that she is my best friend. My other sisters and brothers are also my best friends. Kaylee says, "Not Cade. Kendall." Someday she will understand. Hopefully someday will be tomorrow ;o)
Cade has his double sneeze back. Kendall seems to be fighting off a cold as well. I need to keep Conner away, but it is so hard because he is so darn cute and kissable. The kids just love him!
I have been putting Kendall down for his nap in the top bunk and then I move him to Jaley's bed. I have even been putting him down in just underwear and put a pad under him. I am tempted to try this with Cade. He has been dry during naps (and at night) for 2 weeks! good try...i bet they might be ready....
I have been giving Kaylee snacks more often. It seems to help. She is like my kids. When my kids are tired or hungry they are miserable; better said, they make you miserable. If they are tired AND hungry, watch out! She must have a fast metabolism. I am giving her apples, bananas and oranges twice inbetween breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. She told me today that she was "So happy because she didn't steal." good girl. I love how she puts things, so simply and sweet.
We are bracing for some winter weather. It is funny to listen to the radio. The prediction of snow is between 2 inches and 2 feet. Wow, I think I could be a meterologist if I could have that range and get away with it! I hope Julia makes it back from Grand Junction tomorrow ... Saturday is Prom!!!

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