plop plop fizz fizz

6:11PM. Get a call from Buddy. Poops in the Potty!
Great job Cade! Great job Corin for training TWO little boys!
here is what my sister wrote to me after the phone call:

He even showed you too! (my kids like to hold the phone up and show us, as if we could see through the phone) If only it was a video phone...sitting on the potty holding the phone right between his legs. You would have had a great view!
Cade usually does his business in the morning. Today was different. Nothing. I put the kids in the tubby after dinner and while Cade was sitting in there his eyes got big. He stood up and said "Go Poop". I pulled him out and he ran to the toilet. I was hoping he would do something like that. He knows the sensation...and now to keep going on the potty...

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