march 5

John had work off today (every other Friday). LUCKY!
I scheduled Dr. Appointments for Kaylee and Conner.
Kaylee went to the eye doctor. She is VERY far sighted in her left eye and 20/20 in her right. Her brain is essentially shutting down her left eye which causes it to go lazy and move towards the center. I held her in the chair while she attempted to read the pictures to the nurse. It was set on 200. She asked her what she saw. Kaylee said, "I see a light". She couldn't even see the figures on the board at 200. Poor girl! I need to find glasses soon...
Conner went in for his 6 month check up and got shots. Poor baby. He is 26 1/2 inches (50%) and 17 lbs 13.2 oz (30 or 40%). He is a chunk. I wonder if the last % is wrong... His ear tubes are great. (I am trying to remember the sizes off the top of my head; Shannon can correct them if I am wong) I'm so amazed at how much my sweet Conner is growing and chaning! what a cutie!
Aida opening night was tonight. It was AMAZING! Wish you could all see it. Conner once again was the favorite. I really wish I could see it! I'm missing out!

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