march 9

No school today! The kids slept in until 9:30!!! Well, the Meibos kids did. The William's bunch was up at 7:00 (6:00 before time change; I'll take 7:00!).

Kaylee and Cade discovered the Clementines and ate almost the entire box this morning.

We did laundry. Kaylee and I headed out to pick out some glasses (I took photos with my phone and e-mailed them to Shannon; I love this technology!).

Jaley was in charge of Conner. Jenna was in charge of Kendall. Cade was down for a nap. The girls were to listen for him. He got up just before I got home.
We started adding rice cereal to Conner's formula in the bottle. We'll see if that holds him over longer. He is starting to grab for the bottle when he sees us making it for him.

While shopping, Kaylee and I picked up a couple of more items for the "Sunday Bag". She picked out 2 Disney Princess figurines. Through the entire shopping trip she kept saying, "I want to go to Church now." I'm sure the people we were passing in the aisles were thinking we were a bit odd...a 4 year old begging to go to Church.

The kids went out back for a bit and then rode their scooters in the front and colored with the chalk.

We called David and Shannon and Conner giggled and "talked" to them. It was really cute. He also enjoyed chewing on one of our rubber/foam blocks.

I need to start doing my drafts on my "blog" so that they are automatically saved. I have started journaling throughout the day and then someone logs me off and I lose everything...

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