march 10

I had a brilliant idea...to help Kaylee stay dry at night.I told Kaylee that she could play with the Sunday Princesses for the day if she woke up dry. She was "so excited!" - Kaylee's words.
She kept singing the Dora song we sing to the boys when they go potty. She was singing that she could do it...be dry...HORRAY! SO CUTE! you can do it Kaylee!
She was a little wet. Not soaking like she usually is. A little wet is still wet. She was "so sad"...many tears. Hopefully better luck tomorrow. I even tried getting her up before I went to bed to take her to the bathroom. She didn't like it. Lots of tears. No bubbles. Oh well...tomorrow is another day. Better luck next time. I've been wondering how to get Kaylee to wake up dry, hopefully this will do the trick. Anyone have any other ideas of how to help Kaylee be dry at night?
There was snow on the ground outside when we woke up. After breakfast - yes 10 pancakes again for each - and sending Kerst off to school, I bundled the kids up and went outside. No boots, but they didn't mind. Kendall doesn't have boots either. They made tracks on almost every inch of backyard. Kaylee discovered that snow was not warm. In fact, she tried touching it and her little hands got very cold. We warmed them up under the arms.

Cade sharing his granola bar with Shannon via the phone. Cade is really funny to watch when it comes to talking on the phone. He thinks that whoever is on the other end can see, touch and taste what he is experiencing. It was delicious! Thanks Cade!
They came in and I had them stand on a towel while I undressed them from their outside clothing. Cade had that twinkle in his eye and was looking for a chase. I was sitting, so were the other two. He stepped off the towel and his feet went out from under him (no traction and our wood floors are slippery when wet). He did a face plant on the floor. Bit it lip ... bloody tooth too. That evening when I told the girls about his fall, I showed them his missing tooth. Their eyes went big. I then told them that he didn't have a tooth there to begin with...he he he.

Cade helping Kendall put on his socks. Great helpers.

The kids played puppies today. Kendall decided to eat his lunch like a puppy as well.They are having more and more sharing and kind moments. I knew it would take some time for them to settle in. "My Conner" is still a popular territorial war zone.

"My Conner" is scooting more and more. I hope to get some photos of him for Shannon's collage tomorrow. We will see if he cooperates. He has his moments when he doesn't want me to leave the room...yes, he is entering that stage. yes, fun fun stage when they won't let you leave.

A friend of mine is letting me borrow her swing. Conner seems to enjoy it.

Cade once again pointed to the window when it was nap time. He can't fool me! He has started a game of dropping his cup on the ground. I told him that when he does that it means that he doesn't want his drink anymore. He even did it at bedtime tonight. I took it away...John heard him crying and heard him ask for his drink. He gave it to him. It was quiet; I thought he had fallen asleep, instead Prince Charming saved the day from the mean old witch ;o)

The final AIDA rehearsal was today. I took photos on the stage and got up close and personal. It was fun to do since I know the musical quite well...I know where to stand and when to move. I took close to 3,000 photos today of the rehearsal. I still need to go through and weed out the blurry ones. There won't be as many blurry ones since I was able to get up close.

Called Shannon and David and left a message; they called us back. The kids played and read books while they talked to their mom and dad.

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