march 6

Up and at 'em early. No sleeping in on the weekends!We finished purging Kendall and Kerst's room of ALL books (except the board books which are in baskets in the closet currently) and most of the toys. I still have 2 baskets under the bed filled with cars and stuffed animals/dolls. I won't take those away until Cade climbs down from the bunk.
John helped me cover 5 more dining room chairs. I wrote Kendall, Cade and Kaylee's names on colored index cards and taped them to the chair with packing tape. Kaylee was so excited to get a shiny chair. This will help with the dirty seat messes. I shampooed the rest of the chairs.
Conner was placed near the fire place while we were eating dinner. It wasn't long after that we heard him and there he was by the kitchen table! He is scooting around!
Cade went down for a late nap. Kendall too.
John did the evening routine again (thanks honey!) while I went to AIDA to tape and cheer on Kerst, Jaley and Julia.
Conner likes to butt heads with you. It is really cute; he is recognizing some of us and prefers one over another at times. I am one of his biggest fans (which is nice).Kaylee,
Cade and Kerst made a fort in the basement.

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