march 8

The kids slept in until 7:30! (actually with the time change, they were up at the normal time).

I bought Kaylee a new dress - from me - (light blue; Cinderella color); it is so fun to shop for little girls again! She was SO excited to wear it that she wanted it on right away. I had her wait until just before we left for church. Syrup and Mac-n-Cheese wouldn't look nice on her new dress. She looked like a princess in it.

I tried to put Cade down for a nap at 10:00. It was quiet, but I don't think he slept.

Sunday went better at church. I had goldfish crackers and 3 of the same items (magnetic book ALL the same, 2 motorcycles and a tinkerbell). Conner was the one who we had to take out; he bonked his head on the bench while rolling over.

John took the kids to the park while I got dinner ready; it was beautiful outside.

We called Shannon and David during dinner; Conner was trying his first Rice Cereal. Didn't like it...but went for Kendall's real dinner. He had some broccoli and dumped Kendall's plate on the floor 3 times. We got some pictures and a video clip of it. I'll try and post it soon...

I was wiped out and hit the sack at 9:00 (really 8:00 before the time change).

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