march 17

Bummer...the kids and some green in their pajamas. No pinching them this morning. I believe the rule is you must be wearing green and over 5. They could have been pinched. Those younger than 5 MUST be pinched.

During breakfast Kaylee had her glasses on and was looking at me. She would look at me over the top of her glasses like a Grannie and then through the lens. She did this several times. She then said, "You're big (over the top of the frame), now you're small (through the lens). You're big, you're small." I think I'd prefer for her to view me through the lens! Funny how they discover new things on their own without much prodding. Kaylee is such a little scientist.

She is doing her own science experiments already!I came into the kitchen late this morning and found Kendall sporting Kaylee's glasses. She was standing next to him with a sheepish grin... "See, I can share, huh?!" I had to explain to her that these were her special glasses for her own beautiful eyes. We don't want our princes to break the princess glasses.At 1:00 in the afternoon and Kaylee asks, "It's getting dark?" "No," I answer. "Awe," is her reply. She does this several times in the afternoon...I think it is so cute. I think it is a small hint that she is tired, but she is also excited to try to be dry so she can play with the princesses.

Both boys failed at earning the motorcycle for pooping in the potty.Cade complained for only a minute when I put him down for his nap today. I didn't let him play his stalling game today... (c'mon boys! you can do it!)

it's masquerade time

I decided to go full force with the glasses - the doctor didn't say to do anything different. I also figured that with how Kaylee thinks and processes information (very clever girl) that if I allow her to break into the routine of wearing glasses by starting only a couple of hours a day, she will think that is how she is to wear her glasses. By mid afternoon her glasses were sitting a little crooked on her face. By the end of the day, her glasses looked like something you would wear to a mascaraed ball. One ear piece was bent completely down. Don't ask me how. I read the warranty and return policy. I'm so glad we got the warranty. After one day I don't know how it will last through a week. I called Shannon. I told her that I thought we should get the titanium pair of glasses. It should survive Kaylee longer than a day!
kaylee's glasses that have been ordered...titanium...ultra flexible for my beast of a daughter.

We had green eggs and ham, green french toast, green pancakes, hash browns (brown ;o) ), and green water (compliments of Kerst) for dinner tonight. After dinner I ended up taking Kaylee to the eye-glass place to have them fix her glasses (yes, after one day - sigh, at least they are 5 minutes away without hitting lights) and to order another pair - titanium. I think syrup at night is the wrong condiment to feed Kaylee during dinner. She was dancing, crawling and bouncing off the walls at the eye glass shop. Maybe it was compounded with her being tired; it was 7:30...past her bedtime.
Kaylee didn't mind that the eggs were green.Yes, her hair is crazy. You should see her glasses. You might be able to tell that the glasses aren't sitting just right on her nose...and after 1 day. hmm...I don't think I could stomach that right now. go Kaylee!

The kids have been exploring Jaley and Jenna's room - to their dismay. Tonight when John was putting the kids to bed he discovered that Jaley had sweet revenge and didn't even know it. For Jaley's birthday she received some jelly beans. Delicious flavors with identical looking gross flavors. Jaley weeded out the nasty ones to save for a special occasion. Little did she know that today was the special day. Apparently Kaylee, Cade and Kendall don't care for jelly beans that taste like skunk spray, rotten eggs and vomit (just to name a few). John found the jelly beans bitten into and spit out onto Kerst's floor. When we told Jaley, she had a good chuckle. Yes, sweet revenge...in a not so sweet way. That was such a sweet little story. Made my day start better after missing them so much this morning! Thanks for the smile kiddos!

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