happy birthday dad

This is the holiday for our family. We're irish. Green through and through. It's only fitting that dad's birthday is on St. Pattys day. He's the best dad in the whole wide world. I'll admit it. He doesn't know a lot about somethings, but he DOES know a little about everything. A Jack of all trades. He's a carpenter, mechanic, mason, welder, teacher, jokester, silly dancer, tickler (ticklebug grandpa), snuggler, patriot, christian, a fierce friend, a true disciple, wonderful husband, great father, awesome grandfather and the list goes on for miles. He's my favorite father I grew up with. The best example of what a man truly is.
I love you dad.

Richard Anderson Price Jr. one handsome hunk!

today is my dad's 65th birthday. He was born on st patricks day. He's irish too. Well fitting.

a candy bouquet of my dads favorite candy for his birthday from all the grandkids.
just wanted to show some favorite shots of my silly dad...and threw one of Kelly and a shot of the both of us in there just for the heck of it. We're all silly too! And, we're irish!

just a few wierdo's!


Tiffany said...

Shannon, What a fun dad you have. And I love the candy bouquet what a cute and fun idea.

Kelly Anderson said...

you had to drag me into it too i see...

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