conner; chubba the hut 2

I thought these photos of conner deserved their VERY OWN post! I can't believe how much he has changed, both physically and in ability. In terms of ability, when he left Arizona, he was only able to roll from one side to another. Now he is scooting everywhere, on all fours rocking, ready to take off crawling and sitting up. I've missed too much in only over a month. STOP growing for a moment Conner! Let me enjoy some of this.
Physically he has quite taken off in the chubby department. My nephew was quite the porker when he was only 5 months...he was nicknamed Chubba the Hut. Conner apparently has been named Chubba the Hut 2. I love his rolls of skin pouring over his onesie that was pulled down over his arms and chest to reveal a soft squishy mid-section. What I wouldn't do to pinch that sweet tummy. ooh Conner! (Corin, love the angle! cute cute shots!)

Oh I wish I could just hold and kiss you all day Conner. I miss you too much. I love you much more! this is just unfair. I wouldn't be a good mommy if I didn't cry at least once a day for my chids.

I love and miss you more than anything.

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Jen Gillespie said...

Oh you poor girl. I can't even imagine what you are going through. Tough stuff I bet. It will be over soon, and thank goodness for the internet and blogs!

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