march 18

Are they ever going to get tired of pancakes? NO! They are amazing (the kids, not the pancakes); I can't believe how they can pack so many away! Kendall had some pancakes and then requested "red oh-mel" (red oatmeal, aka Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal packets which the packets are brown in color).

Today was a good day. No, a great day.

We had fun building and playing with this track...they played with it all morning and then again at night before bed.

Kendall and Cade played the ENTIRE morning with the train set. No arguments. In fact, it was hard to put Cade down for a nap because they were having such a wonderful morning together. Getting along. What's next? Getting into trouble together? Oh my... That news makes me so happy. It only took like what, a month to do this? ha ha

They took a break and decided to dump all of the pillows and blankets from their room onto the landing of the stairs. They took turns hiding in the blankets, reading books and giggling. Kaylee came along and taught them to jump from a step into the blankets. I was able to convince her to jump from one or two steps up rather than 4 or 5. We worked together to haul all of the stuffed animals, books, pillows and blankets back into the room so we could eat lunch. That reminds me of growing up in Kansas when we would take our sleeping bags and slide down our stairs. fun memories.

They were having so much fun playing that it was hard for them to focus on eating lunch.

Cade fell asleep fairly quickly for his nap. He was up kind of late last night. When John went into his room around 9:45 last night to move him to the bottom bunk so Kerst could sleep on the top, his cute little head popped up. "Hi" he said with his sheepish grin ... eyes that followed suit. John still moved him down. He stayed in bed! Cade would do the same thing when he was still in his crib months ago...his head would pop up and he'd say a sweet 'hi'. I love thinking of his smile...his eyes smile along with his mouth.

I kept Conner in his jammies today. He woke up with congestion and a slight cough that is moving phlem. No teeth still. His bum was looking sore again so I am back to putting cream on it again. He went crazy over the vanilla yogurt during lunch (thanks to Cade for introducing it to him yesterday!). It was cute to hear him swallow his bites. You'd think he was drinking from a "Big Gulp" the way he sounded! You've gotta get that on camera! I need to hear this!

ready to jump out and ruin the peaceful play

ready to pounce: Here is Conner ready to destroy the tracks.

Conner was told to "stay away" while Cade was playing with Kendall and the train set. Poor Conner. Everyone wants him and then suddenly he is rejected and banned. Yesterday he did a pretty good job getting into their play area and messing things up. go conner! thats being a great little brother!watching from a distance....locked up: Conner couldn't reach the boys from here. They were happy. Conner wanted to join. cute little guy: conner watching the boys

conner's perch: Conner on the observation deck.

Kaylee was tired and hungry late this afternoon. I held her back from eating as it seems to ruin her appetite for dinner. It worked! She cleared her plate of the Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken Rice-a-Roni, carrots and broccoli...with some tomatoes as well. Corin, I'm amazed at what you've been able to get the kids to eat!
Kaylee wanted to jump in and control the train play with Cade and Kendall this aftenoon. They weren't going to budge. They had been playing so well for so long. She wanted in on the action. Neither boys were willing to give up their trains. Kendall's favorite color is red and he was playing with that engine. Cade was fine with that. Kaylee told me her favorite color was red and that she needed THAT engine. I told her she could have it when Kendall was done.

Kaylee motioned for Cade to come over. Cade complied. Whisper whisper whisper. Cade comes back, swipes the red engine and runs over to Kaylee. Kendall is NOT happy. Kaylee thought she should be the one with the engine... I have a request into Shannon to pick up another IKEA red train engine set (2 sets actually). Cade more times than I'd like to say has been Kaylee's 'hit man'. Getting her lil brother to do the dirty work. David is off to Ikea today getting the train sets.

I chatted with Shannon tonight. She heard our crazy bedtime ritual - or at least parts of it. Shannon is missing her kiddos...my heart breaks for her. Thanks for sharing them with me Shannon-bow... It's been a tough week. I'm glad at least one of us will see the kids this weekend. I am giving David the camera with all possible memory cards that go with it. I expect great things!


ckm said...

Sounds like a good day ;o)

I have photos for you on the website that goes along with the journaling. Hang in there. Hugs. Kisses.

Julianne said...

What a great brother to get his sister what she wants. Sometimes our sisters and brothers are all we've got!

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