march 18

Today started early.
Conner was slightly warm around 2:00 a.m. I dosed him up with some Tylenol. It seemed to work. He has a hearty cough. I'm keeping an eye on it. I tried having him "cry it out" in the night for a time, but I gave in. He's too cute ... plus he guzzles down a bottle. He eats and then immediately loves to be back in his port-a-crib.
Kaylee was up at 5:40 crying. She was complaining about her ear. No fever. It didn't make sense to me. I snuggled her on the overstuffed living room chair. She dozed off - sniffling. I carried her back to her bed and told her that the princess needs to sleep until the sun is up.
Cade was up at 6:25. Hungry. Surprised? Not me. "Cancakes with Durrup"
Kaylee slept until 8:30 - she would have slept even longer but Cade was in the room bugging her. I snuggled with her and asked her questions about where she hurt. I didn't think it was an ear infection, but then Shannon would know best - her kids win the most ear infection in the first year of life award earning tubes in the ears. It didn't show the classic signs I would look for. She isn't coming down with the cold/cough that Cade and Conner have yet (looks like Kendall might be coming down with something too). No fever. No runny nose. No cough. I was wondering if her ear was hurting because of the eyeglass adjustment. No sore skin. She didn't want to move her head. Ah hah. Stiff neck. That makes sense with the "sore ear" - sometimes the pain does radiate from the ear...I rubbed her neck gently. I helped her turn it from side to side. It is harder for her to turn it to the right. I made her a rice sock and heated it up in the microwave. I'm calling today a pajama day for her. She is sporting her pj's and a rice sock around her neck. She's even happily wearing her glasses. (If anyone has a stiff neck, I say Conner...he's in the port-a-crib).
More trains for awhile. I then had the boys help me load the track in the basket and haul it to the "formal" dining room. We will set the track there on the wood floor. I wanted to clear out the family room so that Conner could roam wild and not get in trouble - "Time out Conner" is the upset plea I hear from the boys when he "barges in" and ruins their play.Lego's galore. The kids enjoyed building a house with their little pile of Lego's. We put those away and then had lunch. They didn't seem all that excited to eat... oh well.
Cade went down for a nap like a champ. He likes to have 2 (blue) pillows to lie down on with the blanket pulled up to his neck (he is on his tummy) and his sippy right next to him. No extra questions today. I tucked him in bed, went to the door and exchanged "I love yous"
...He had a shorter nap; Kendall woke him up protesting when I put him down. I swear they have a pact with each other. When one does something well, the other will cause grief! At least Cade got in at least an hour or so
...Kaylee sported the rice sock all day. I would rub and stretch her neck every few hours. She's a good sport. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better for her ... although with my previous sore necks, it usually last several days.
Conner's cough is becoming more like a bark. He had a slight temperature this afternoon as well. Rosy red cheeks...
We had pizza today for dinner. I'm glad I had 2 large pizzas. Cade and Kaylee went crazy! Maybe they will sleep longer tonight with a full stomach; maybe not.
I did a quick errand tonight with Julia and her friend. I brought Conner and Cade. Cade pointed out all of the bright colored bras ... right in front of some teenage boys passing by. "Blue, Green" - yes he knows his bra colors. We were in the swimsuit section. In less than 10 seconds flat he had an entire rack of swim suits on the floor. That kid is fast! He even picked out a shirt in the women's section and walked himself right into the dressing room in search of an empty room. At least he walked into the open door stalls rather than try to open the closed doors; there weren't any locks on them! Just imagine the shrieks that would have come from that area of the store! He made shopping an experience. Yet again, another amazing story from my kids! Corin, you've gotta be enjoying all this! what a Riot!
Kids are in bed.
I'm going to enjoy a show with John...

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