march 21

If the kids knew what was in the room down the hall, I'm sure they'd be up before the crack of dawn.
When David got in last night, John gave him the honors of moving Cade down to the bottom bunk to make room for Kerst on the top. David mentioned that Cade looked up at him with a dazed look. David quickly moved his head into his shoulders and placed him on the bottom bunk.

The kids woke up just before 7:00. We heard them stirring. I sent John out to grab them while I grabbed my camera.

We took Cade and Kaylee into David's room ... John took a video of their cute reunion. Cade was dazed. Kaylee was so excited!We did pancakes for breakfast ... surprise surprise.

The kids played trains and cars with David while we waited for it to warm up outside. It was a chilly 40 degrees when we first checked. We held them at bay with Pinocchio while we waited for it to warm up. Once it was warm enough, David headed off to the "pool park" with Kaylee, Cade and Kerst. It was actually VERY warm in the sun. While they were gone I over seeded our lawn and then put down fertilizer.
John turned on the sprinklers - the kids stayed out of them surprisingly. Our neighbors saw us turn on our sprinklers and soon 3 of our neighbors had activated their system as well. I don't think they realize that I have a handyman in my home. John is going to blow the system out in a couple of days when it is to gets below freezing. The yard looks better already with some water on it!

David and I took Conner into the Urgent Care Center after we put Cade down for his nap. Conner was wheezing and coughing. The triage took his vitals. 99 degree temp - low grade. The doctor listened. No croup. Lungs sounded clear. Moving phlem. Ears looked great.

He suggested David think about antibiotics. He also mentioned an X-ray. David and I thought we should take advantage of the X-ray since the insurance will cover it. It showed that Conner had signs of possibly developing pneumonia. Antibiotics to ward that off.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL this afternoon. Played in the backyard.

David hooked up a web cam for the kids to talk to Shannon. It was fun to see Cade move around trying to figure out what was watching him and showing him on the computer. I had to leave the room due to a phone call ... the kids were happy to see their mommy.

John headed off with David to pick up the medicine and then to hit Sams. We are doing FHE tonight since David has to leave tomorrow. We just made homemade ice cream. Cade wants some NOW.

Cade did poopies on the potty after dinner! He FINALLY got to get his my-ca-doos!

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