march 22

Kaylee came in to our room this morning saying "I stopped my pee! I'm dry!"Sure enough, she was dry!!! We did our Dora Dance for her. She was able to play with her princesses all day!Pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Cade only wanted pancakes. He still had to eat eggs though. It was really nice to have David around to help.Conner had a rough night. David took Conner for the night so John and I were able to get a decent night's sleep. Kendall woke up around 4 a.m. still feeling miserable ... poor baby. We threw him in bed with us so he wouldn't wake Cade and Kaylee up prematurely.Church today. David stayed home with Cade and Conner. Conner has had a hard time keeping anything down. Shortly after he eats he will have a coughing fit and throw everything up. He did that last night after we gave him his antibiotic. We had to dose him up again and keep him inclined. Today he has kept at least 10 ounces down!!! The cough is still nasty. So is Cade and Kendall's cough.

Cade will sneeze in doubles. This evening he had a major MAJOR sneeze and you wouldn't believe the snot bubble he produced. It would have broken the Guiness Book of World Record record if we had a camera handy (I know, gross...). Hopefully he kicks this cold soon. Later that evening Kaylee let a big toot. It was pretty funny. We had company over for both bloopers.

Fajittas for dinner. Kaylee loves guacamole and sour cream. Cade just wants the tortilla.Kendall had a 6 hour nap today! He NEEDED it!

It has been sweet to see David with Conner. He is great with Cade and Kaylee too. Cade loved to play cars with him.

I dropped David off at the airport this evening. I was tempted to take the kids with me, but after mentioning to Kaylee that David had to go back home she was sad. I decided to leave them at home. It was sad to see him go. It was such a treat to have him here and to get to know him better. Next time hopefully everyone will be healthy.

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