march 23

I called our pediatrician this morning. She is an older grandma age doctor. She has always taken great care of us and fit us in quickly. She heard Conner's cough over the phone and said she would say he has RSV. It is very prevalent right now in the young children. It usually peaks at about 4 days and then starts to get better. Low grade fever, cough, loss of appetite (exactly what he has been doing), breathing/wheezing. She said the antibiotics won't hurt him, so keep him on them (although she said she would have picked a different antibiotic to use). She said that as of January, the urgent care center in her building sent their pediatric team away. She told me of another pediatric ONLY urgent care center close to us.

He is doing better today. His cough is very productive sounding, which is good. We don't want that sitting around in his lungs. She said his cough could last 10 days at least. He is eating a little more too.

Jenna and Kerst had a field trip to Wal-greens while the rest of us stayed home. The boys were ready for naps.Kaylee hauled in a dining room chair to try to reach her backpack in the laundry room. She wanted her princesses (she was wet :o( so no princesses today). She started asking if it was getting dark at 1:00 this afternoon. Jewlz/Daeia/Julia tried calling me at 13:23 today to inform me she was 16!!! (I was most likely putting Conner back down…) Sorry I missed her call. She finally reached me at 1:46 instead. She is headed out shopping with Jadey and Kelly.The phone rang this afternoon. It was quiet. No Kaylee - hmmm. I headed to get the phone and I heard the pitter patter of her feet running from the kitchen. The fridge door was closing on its own as I entered. I saw her scurry up the stairs with her arms filled with clementines. She’s sneaky. I had her put them back and let her have one, not 5. It was time for a light snack anyway. Kaylee has also figured out how to open our child-proof locks for the lever handled door knobs. That girl. We had a talk about not unlocking them because they are locked for a reason.

If candy was considered a drug, Kaylee and Cade would be great canidates for police dogs. They can sniff out anything in the house that has any kind of sugar. I don't have goodies around, but my girls enjoying have a small stash in their room (they love going to Walgreens).

The boys have enjoyed dusting anything and everything. They had fun working together "cleaning". Alfredo for dinner. Kaylee managed to eat some. Cade didn't eat much. He's going to be starving for breakfast tomorrow.

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