march 24

John was great and took the two early risers while I rested a little longer. Conner is still struggling at night with a cough. He does have 2 hour stretches of no coughing, but then wakes up and would have a 1 minute coughing fit. Poor little guy. He's taking it like a champ. The cough is important to keep everything out of his lungs.I called and check in the with pediatrician again as she requested yesterday. She is great. She said that it sounds like he is doing as expected but to call if things change.Conner is acting more like himself today. Scooting on the ground. Smiling. The appetite is coming back slowly. He is still only doing 2 ounces (sometimes 4) at a time, but more frequently.
Kaylee's 2nd pair of glasses arrived today. We went in to have them fitted. The nose bridge piece was skewed a bit so she ordered some new frames. They should be here in 2 to 3 days. I had her current glasses worked on again. They fit her cute little face so much better!
Jaley came along for the trip to Walmart. We hit Kohls to check out their skirts. Slim pickings. I have discovered that Cade is a tactile shopper. He loves to TOUCH everything! While walking down an aisle he sticks out his hand and feels the fabrics. I made sure I steered clear of the glass section.Cade went down for a nap. Conner followed shortly after.
I took Jenna to her eye appointment for contacts. When we got back the boys were waking up. It was pretty quiet in the house. That makes you wonder what is going on, especially since Kaylee can now open our lever door locks. I found them on the top bunk in Kerst's room with Jenna's special box that is filled with her goodies. Those sneaky little guys. I know who the ring leader is...
Conner sat on his perch tonight while I made dinner. He just grinned from ear to ear watching the commotion. It is so nice to see him be his normal self again.We had Cheese Ravioli. Cade and Kaylee loved it! Kaylee ate all of her broccoli and carrots. Cade ate all of his carrots! Cade saw my baked zucchini and wanted it. He took a bite and thought about it. He smiled and handed it back to me. He swallowed his bite thankfully! They have come a long way with veggies.
I headed out with Jenna for swim team practice - leaving John with the gang. I hit Big Lots and found some fun items. Foam Blocks for Shannon (not for her, but her kids - she wants them because they are safe and won't do much damage if our athletic Cade decides to see if it travels like a football). Easter Goodies (baby blocks for Conner, Disney Princess Polly Pocket style Sleeping Beauty with the prince, potty training bribes (Matchbox hauling truck), and staying dry at night reward (14 more princesses). I had Shannon on the phone while shopping. It was fun!Gosh, each day I wonder what happened that would be interesting or noteworthy, yet still I seem to find enough stuff to ramble on about...Heading out soon to pick up Daeia...

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