march 16

Kaylee was up early. She seems to like company so woke up Cade (who was not ready to wake up; the circles under his eyes were clue #1...I'm sure you can figure out the other clues). I talked to Kaylee about the importance of getting enough rest - and when we don't Princesses and Princes start to act like Ogres. She said she would try to remember to let Cade sleep in next time.Even though Kaylee woke Cade up early, he still had a pretty good morning. When we put Kaylee and Cade in the same room when Conner was born, Kaylee would wake Cade up when she would wake up. He would have slept in an extra 2 hours if it wasn't for her waking him up. Because of waking up so early, he would be grouchy. It would make me frustrated when I would hear him awake after Kaylee would get up in the morning.

All of the kids had one time out trip (Kendall had 2). They are playing so much better with each other. "My Conner" territorial war wasn't even brought up this morning!

Our nursery leaders are great...they noticed that Cade was already 3 and how much he enjoyed the Birthday crown of one of the other kids in nursery 3 weeks ago. They made him one last week! He was so proud of it.Unfortunately he picked it apart yesterday...

To encourage Cade to do his business in the potty rather than the diaper, I have a motorcycle (my-ca-doo) on the windowsill in Kerst's bathroom. I told him he could play with it if he went in the potty (poopies that is). He produced nothing all day until right before bedtime. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. I put him on the potty after diaper changes as well. Lately he has been stalling putting the diaper on. I have to tell him that when he gets off the potty he is done...he thinks it's a game.

I got a call today from the eye glass place that Kaylee's glasses were in! I wasn't expecting that call until Wednesday-Friday. I was planning on picking them up on Friday when John is home from work.

Here is Kaylee waiting for her glasses to come back.
Kaylee checking out the frame display for kids... Hannah Montana? no.She is VERY far sighted. It was cute to see her smile as she turned herself around to see what was behind her. Isn't she cute?! Here is Kaylee checking out the world around her...

Julia came home from school with flu like symptoms this morning. We think it was the banana she ate before Seminary - she is showing food sensitivities to milk, banana, avacado and others... Once the boys were all down for a nap, I left Julia to listen for them while Kaylee and I headed off to pick up the glasses.She was all smiles. The girls at the vision center just love her! They got her glasses and put them on. They asked her to turn around so she could look out into the Wal-Mart store. She had a huge grin on her face as she did so. I wonder what the world looks like to her without glasses. I can only imagine what the world looks like with and without them! While on our way back home I was asking her questions about what she could see. That made me think about Shannon's question to me.

During conversations with Cade on the phone she will hear Cade ask "Why." She was wondering where he picked that up (because it can be a little annoying --- why go to bed?). It dawned on me. I think he picked some of it up from me because I will ask them "Why" so they can explain and describe their problems or even answer their own questions.What did she see? What did she say? My favorite was when she told me that the "Trees are sad." "Why are they sad?" (See, here is the why!)"Because they have nothing on." (Leafless trees...so cute). She continued "Oh, there are some happy ones there!" (Evergreen Trees) my emerging storyteller! She seems to be adjusting to the glasses. One ear piece is bent down a little already. I might have to take them in to have them bend it back up (they have something that will "soften" the metal to allow them to bend it back). I have been working with Kaylee on how to take her glasses off and to be gentle. It is new to her...and she doesn't have the touch of a crystal glass maker either. I can feel her strength in her hands as I have my hands on hers trying to model how to open and close the glasses.Sometimes I will find her with the glasses pushed up to the middle of her forehead. It is a very strong perscription. She has BIG BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES peeking from behind the lens. I wasn't given any direction of breaking her in to wearing the glasses. Today she had them on for about 4 hours (off and on though). I will have to see how tomorrow goes. Cute cute cute Kaylee! I'm excited to see how Kaylee looks. I was talking to a friend of mine last night. I asked her what her son's glass perscription was. His eyes are pretty magnatized. She said he's about a 4 and 4.5. YIKES! Kaylee is a 4.5 and 5.1. Her eyes will be much 'prettier' than his eyes are 'handsome'.

Conner is hooked...just like his brother and sister. Of course he couldn't suck through the skin but had fun handling the pear.
Conner joined Jaley at her piano lesson. He did well until he decided he was hungry...he was pretty patient though.

I have Cade and Kaylee nibbling at tomatoes. Cade took 2 bites of mine tonight at dinner. We had hamburgers. I had applesauce out for Conner. Conner thought it was too bitter. Cade wanted to eat the applesauce. I told him only after he ate his hamburger (it was only a 1/2). He slowly complied and then inhaled the applesauce. Good job Cade. It's great to hear how well they are eating. In the past when they were home, they wouldn't touch the food we'd give them, and they'd be unable to get their ice cream after dinner and go to bed hungry.

Around 3:30-4:00 in the afternoon, Kaylee starts asking if it is getting dark yet. I think it is a hint that she is tired, but she is also excited to head to bed to see if she can be dry so she can play with the princesses the next day. It helps her go to bed well too... She keeps asking for drinks of water. I will give her micro-ammounts. I keep warning her that if she drinks that she might have an accident. "I know, I know" she would reply with a serious look on her face. (I've really gotta see all this stuff in person. She's gotten so better at verbalizing since coming to CO.) She continued to tell me that water turns into pee. She then asked if she could have juice because it doesn't turn into pee. Silly girl. Very good reasoning Kaylee. I almost bought it! I had to pop her bubble about that one, plus we don't keep juice around; I'd rather the kids eat fruit rather than drink the juice. It's much better for you anyway. (We do have OJ in the freezer for those moments when you think you might be coming down with a cold).
Well, so much for rambling...

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