march 15

No naps yesterday was hard on the kids.

Kendall had a rough night. So did Cade and Kaylee. John took care of Kendall. Cade and Kaylee woke up at 2:30 thinking it was time to eat. I was able to get them back in bed...

They were up at 6:30 ready for pancakes.

Tubbies before church. We were off schedule this morning...so was everyone else. I usually like to get to church 25 minutes early so can set up. Today we were right on time. We were in charge of nursery snack...we didn't forget it either! The primary wasn't ready to begin on time. Everyone seemed behind today to me; it wasn't just me.

We had the kids spaced out during Sacrament Meeting. Jaley was at the end of the pew next to the wall with Kendall. Cade was in the middle blocked by John on the side by Kendall and Jaley and blocked by me on the otherside with Kaylee near the aisle. I knew Kaylee wouldn't run.

They all had their backpacks with their Sunday Fun Day items. Kaylee played the entire time with the princess dolls. Cade ate goldfish, played with the my-cuh-doo (motorcycle), colored on the magna doodle and aqua doodle and snuggled me (which was really nice).

the original: Cade Monet

Cade drew his first happy face (on the aqua doodle; so it's not permanent)!!! I showed him a circle and then eventually added the dots for the eyes and then the mouth. Thankfully Jenna didn't "obey" and brought her cell phone to church. I had her take a photo of the face before it dried and then had her e-mail it to me. Good job Jenna. Good for disobeying your mom!
Kendall was entertained by Jaley...thankfully. Conner bounced from Jenna to John to Julia - sometimes even me.
Conner is a hot item at church as well. Conner was requested to accompany John today on his Home Teaching visit...so they are off to visit a family that just ADORES him.
Right before the closing song in Sacrament Meeting, I reminded Kaylee that we need to put the princesses back in her backpack for next week or when she is dry at night. She smiled really big and said, "Is it dark yet? I can be dry tonight." She then started in with our Dora song along with the arm swinging motion, singing "I can do it, I can do it, I can do it HORRAY"....just then the organ started and drowned out her singing. A couple of rows got to hear her song...I can't wait to hear and see this for real!

We had salmon, potatoes and salad. Cade mixed up his food...didn't really eat much. Kaylee gleefully ate as Jaley and Jenna encouraged her to eat the food because the potatoes would make her teeth shiny white, the fish (Nemo is what they called it) would make her lips ruby red and make her really pretty. She is so funny!
With a rough night for the kids, early morning and no naps, I am getting them ready for bed...I am wiped out too.
Late night for me with the closing night of AIDA. I was at the school until midnight helping sort costumes and divide them up for laundering.
Next Sunday will be nice...David will be here. Plus it will be Stake Conference and we are going to our building to attend the broadcast AND it will start at 10:00 for 2 hours instead of 12:30 for 3 hours! Naps next week yahoo!!! I'm so jealous! let me say it louder. I'M SO JEALOUS! It will make me so happy to have David with the kids. He misses them so much too.

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