kent is blessed

I posted some news a little while back about a friend of mine having his first baby. He is/was one of my very best friends growing up, Wade. Today he blessed his baby boy. I just wanted to post some photos that I received from them. They're such a wonderful little family. Jane is a wondeful wife and mommy. Kent is a perfectly looking little baby .
Wade and Kent. March 15, 2009. Blessing Day.

Jane, Wade and baby Kent.

Janes sweet mom, Sister Spencer, Wade, Jane holding baby Kent, and Wade's mom, Sister Sanner who is also a sweet angel.

I know one of my 'lurkers' knows Jane's mom, Sister Spencer. I was totally amazed at that story. It's truly a small world! Yes, Sister Spencer is such a wonderful person, just that little time I got to know her during the wedding. Jane felt like a long time friend by the end of the day that I first met her, on the day she married Wade, when I took their wedding photos.

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