march 14

Busy Day.

Exciting Day!


Closing night for AIDA!

John's family started rolling in around 10:00.

The Grandpas took the kids to the park by the pool. I was able to work on Kerst's baptism program; finally got official approval and names to put in it. Julia took some darling photos of Kerst. I added one to the program.Printed off the program.

Kerst John Meibos

Mom helped me make lunch for ALL of the kids! (extra cousins).We got ready and made it to the baptism 20 minutes early...quite a feat with so many people to get dressed and out the door. Kaylee was excited to wear her new pink dress. She was even more excited to play with her "church bag" princesses (and the princesses she can play with for a day when she wakes up dry).

It was a beautiful baptism. You can read about it on my blog. I'll post the program under the file cabinet on the family website.

We headed back home. Mom and Dad got ready to head to the airport (sniff sniff...bummer they have to be so responsible with their Stake Callings ;o) ).I dropped them off.

I sure wish I had my camera. Cade burst into tears when Grandpa got out of the van to leave. "Grandpa no go. Grandpa no go." Tears poured from his eyes. It was so sweet. (I love grandpa too, Cade. Corin, give him an extra kiss for me) Grandpa worked with Cade while he was here with "tough love". Cade responds well to firmness followed up with love. He seems to thrive on it. Some people would think that it would make a child separate from that individual, instead it brings him closer. He knows the expectations and know that he is loved and cared for. He is Grandpa's cow too... and a cute one at that (see recent post of Williams Bunch about cows to understand this statement). Just before leaving, Grandpa put his hand on the outside of the van window. Cade reached up to touch it...still with tears streaming from his face. this is making me tear up. my sweet cade. I love you dad.

Conner is Corin's little dust bunny. She'll put him down on the floor and put up laundry. She'll come looking for him and he's scooted himself under the bed. too cute!
Conner is up on all fours. Rocking.
It was closing night for AIDA. John's family attended. I stayed back to tuck the kids in bed.

I went up after the musical to "strike" the set (take it down, gather costumes, etc...)

Busy day.

Nice day.

Special day.

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