just playin around

I'm trying to learn some new photo editing program for my friend...just a few effects I've enjoyed so far.
Also, happy birthday to Kelly! (and me!)
heart you

vintage photo

paint effect

ultra diffused glow


Brian & Veronica said...

wow, good job. I'm trying to learn as well, I have no idea what I'm doing or even what type of effect I'm going for. teach me please! :) These look awesome. Who takes pictures of you? Do you use a tripod? email me, veronica.kisbyatgmail.com

ckm said...

What program are you learning on? I use our normal DIP, but have Photoshop Elements 7 I want to learn. I also have Photoshop CS2, but that is so hard, I haven't even started using it.

Dick said...

The vintage looks like the beautiful antique landscapes of the temple and historic sites that I see framed in rustic frames at deseret book. I think they use the sepia coloring.

Nice job Bow.

That's cute with Cade and Kaylee on the scooter.

Happy Birthday to you too!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I realized after I posted last night that I had forgotten some very important people - I just fixed it - go check it out. Love the pics! Cant wait to see you!

Boyles Blog said...

I just emailed you the pumpkin roll recipe. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!

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