jared and rachel

David's Brother and his family asked me to take some photos of their family on Thanksgiving Day. It wasn't supposed to be anything special, but I thought...'let's try a few things out.' We're all down in Maricopa and I know of some beautiful places to take photos! We did some of the same things that Cindy Price did for our photo shoot and it turned out so well! I got Photoshop 7 for my birthday and so have been trying to figure it out and take tutorials and downloading all different types of stamps and patterns. I'm slowly getting a hang of it. It's been fun.
Thanks Jared and Rachel and your kiddos for agreeing to be my test run! I'm so pleased with how it all turned out! Doesn't hurt to have a cute family too!
love this shot!Funny, some of these shots remind me so much of our photo shoot with Cindy!some stamping with photoshop. like the grunge look.baby Kaisa is such a sweet heart!
one of my favorite shots of the family
love these stamps!
added some texture for dimension
some of Lynnea's sassperspective shots...love em!give me some more cowbell...I mean...lip!


AZSMITHS said...

You did an awesome job taking those pictures!! I like how natural they look, not just staring at the camera!

ckm said...

Way cool! I'm going to have to play around with my PS 7 (and try and figure out CS2)

jennaloha said...

Wow! I could use you for so many things besides cutting Holland's hair. What a handy and useful person you are.

Shannon said...

let me know when you want Holland's hair all shaved off! I'm pretty open.

Boyles Blog said...

The shots look great!!!

Tiffany said...

They look great. It looks like you are figuring out Elements too!!!

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