a walk down memory lane

(my old High School that I went to my Sophomore year, but then attended a new High School after it was built. This school then became the new Junior High)...I never got to use those HUGE senior lockers that a person could hide in! I was so looking forward to that day~!

All about High School!

1. DID YOU DATE SOMEONE FROM YOUR SCHOOL? no, someone from my ward (our ward was 320 square miles and covered a few school districts)

2. WHAT KIND OF CAR DID YOU DRIVE? 1976 Datsun B210, stick shift, inka gold two door hatchback. It was having a tough time my junior year and would billow out huge puffs of grey smoke when we started it. The teachers would tease me saying that I was spraying for mosquitoes...I'd run out of school and try to be the first one to leave so the smoke didn't overtake the whole parking lot. That car has gone over 200 thousand miles, through two engins and made the trip from Kansas to Utah and is still my dad's constant companion.

3. DID YOU PASS YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE TEST YOUR FIRST TRY? Actually, NO! We got there and one of the rear lights was not working, so they said I couldn't get the test taken unless it was fixed. We had to go home, me and Kelly very sad and upset that we didn't get our lisense. We got the light fixed and passed the test the next day.



6. WERE YOU IN BAND, ORCHESTRA, OR CHOIR? I was in band, played flute, piccolo, french horn, bells and chimes. I also sang in the choir in my sophomore year which was fun too.

7. WERE YOU A NERD? I was friends with people in every group. I was smart, but not nerdy. I was respected and liked.

8. WERE YOU ON ANY VARSITY TEAMS? the varsity of awesomeness!



11. WHO WERE YOUR FAVORITE TEACHERS? My senior year English teacher, Mrs. Carson. She had the respect of the sweetest people as well as the 'druggies' in the class. She would open up the school year with the 'integrity' talk. This is from a small town in Kansas, and she wasn't LDS, so it was great to hear someone talk about integrity and not have it be a sunday school lesson, but being taught to my classmates. She rocked! I still send her christmas cards every year.

12. WHERE DID YOU SIT FOR LUNCH? at a table with friends....where else? We didn't have release time after my sophomore year. We had just moved to a brand new high school and inforced new rules.

13. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S FULL NAME? Mulvane High School

14. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S MASCOT AND COLORS? The Wildcats...Green and White

15. DID YOU GO TO HOMECOMING AND WITH WHO? Yes, with a great friend of mine, Wade. It wasn't an official date, but we went together. We were close friends, and still are today.

16. IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN WOULD YOU? Only if I could audit the classes this time and not stress over Physics exams and French tests and 20 page Advanced Biology papers.

17. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT GRADUATION? I thought, this is what it was like for all my other siblings. I'm sitting here on the football field while my parents sit in the audience.

18. WHERE DID YOU GO SENIOR SKIP DAY? We went to the Wichita Zoo....lame. It was a cold April day and I swear ALL the animals were mating.

19. WERE YOU IN ANY CLUBS? NHS(national honor society), STUCO(student council), FCA (fellowship of christian athletes)

20. HAVE YOU GAINED SOME WEIGHT SINCE THEN? yup. 3 kids and the lovely stretch marks to show for it. Who wants a stick skinny mom? How about a little mush to hug!? Working on it though!

21. WHO WAS YOUR PROM DATE? A great friend of mine, Warren.

22. ARE YOU PLANNING ON GOING TO YOUR 10 YEAR REUNION? I would like to, but it might just be lame, like going to a bar or something like that.

23. DID YOU HAVE A JOB IN HIGH SCHOOL? I worked at H&R Block, also as a teacher for summer rec program

I tag my sisters, Emilie, Rachel W., Katherine, Jenna, Jen M., Jen B.


Robyn said...

It is so fun to read these high school tags. I love learning more about you cute girls. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shannon!

Dick said...

Happy Birthday BOW!

What about FLAG team! You were the captain. It was so cool to watch you do that. The team even came to the house to practice once....or was it just you? It was great though. The Boze did a great job blaring the music.

jennaloha said...

You were a Wildcat? Did you dance at sing in the cafeteria in unison? Did your basketball team choreograph their practices?


The Baldwins said...

The last comment, from jennaloha, was AWESOME. Love HSM. I have never been tagged before and I can't be sure that Katherine is me, but I'm going to run with it! We drove near Peck on the way home from Utah last fall and I thought of you. Fun times.

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