buddy 2.0

We had him! He's a handsome heafty boy. Born July 25, 2008 at 2:39am. He weighed in at an astonishing 8 lb 13 oz. 20 inches long and so very handsome! He looks so similar to his brother and sister when they were born. Cute round little face and dark hair. He's a content little fella and loves to eat or suck on his binky.

it's a boy

phew! what a night. we're pooped!
We haven't officially decided on a name, but he'll have one. Tentative name is Conner Patrick, but that is subject to change. For now his nickname is buddy 2.0. We call Cade 'buddy', so David with his techy side thought this cute nickname up. I think it's rather fitting! He's not what you would call an 'upgrade' only a 'new version'.
birth story to follow


Kaylee said...

Oh wow! Congrats! He is beautiful :)

Julianne said...

He is such a pretty baby - I am so excited for you guys!

Keith & Janelle said...

Oh my, I haven't checked your blog for a little while now, and when I just did, what GREAT NEWS I found!! And you just had him today?! How exciting!!! CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU!! I can't wait to find out what you officially name this handsome little boy of yours. He's precious!

Boyles Blog said...

Congratulations Shannon and Baby "Buddy 2.0". I can't wait to meet the cute boy. Unfortunately I am in D.C. for the next couple weeks helping out with the twins but when I get back I will have to stop by. :)

Sara said...

CONGRATS! I was just thinkin', has she had that baby yet?!? He's such a cutie & I love the pic of both of you sleeping. Can't wait to hear all about his birth story & official name.

Dick and Fran Price said...

Connor is a very handsome young man. He will have fun playing with his sister Kaylee and his big brother Cade.

Grandma and Grandpa

Sarah said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations!!! I think Buddy 2.0 might have sticking power... but I love the name Connor too. (:

The Baldwins said...

Congratulations! What a sweet baby boy. He was born on my husband's birthday; good pick!

Breehan said...

wow you are amazing keeping everyone informed after just having a baby. He is beautiful and so are you, congrats.

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