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I know this is long. You're not obligated to read it and I won't be offended if you don't. But I will quiz you when I see you next! :)

We've done this for all three little kiddos. It's been nice to read back and remember the special days our children were given to us. It's amazing how much you forget when time passes. It brings back those special feelings of your 'first cry' and other unforgettable firsts...like 'first "almost" 9 pounder'!

• Around 5:00PM, contractions around 20 minutes apart
• Contractions started about every 10 minutes at 9:00PM
• Left home for the hospital around 11:15PM
• 11:40PM, on the way to hospital and water broke
• Arrived at the hospital around 12:00AM
• Entered triage, contractions around every 4.5 minutes, there for one hour
• Got admitted into Labor room at about 1:30.
• Epidural given and baby born at 2:39 on July 25, 2008

Conner Patrick Williams Birth StorySunday

Sunday, July 20th I was experiencing labor pains, which for some reason is normal this pregnancy on Sundays. I was uncomfortable for the day but hopeful that the week would run smoother.

Monday I went to the OB to check my progress. I had dialated to a 1 for the past couple weeks, so I was anxious to see if any of the contractions were doing anything. She told me I was a loose 2. Feeling around a bit more she said, “oh! Now you’re a 3!”. I made an appointment to come in the next Monday, but she said, “Chances are, you’ll not make it.” I was hoping she was right.

I went to a meeting for church following the appointment and seemingly for the whole day I was in one huge contraction. It was as if the baby had made some major shift in position…but something seemed different. I was thinking….maybe tomorrow.

The next day came and it was a bit difficult. Still more contractions and they began to span into my lower back. YUCK! I can’t stand back labor. The contractions were still somewhat bearable. My Braxton hicks contractions are pretty strong, compared to what I’ve heard them described. These were a bit stronger than my normal Braxton hicks. That night came and with some discomfort, I made it through the night. I lay on top of a crib mattress protector just in case, since my last two pregnancies ended with gushing water on our bed…which was luckily saved by the protector.

The next day, Wednesday…nothing. It seemed as if my contractions went away totally. I was thinking…what’s going on? I should still be in pain or feeling something. It was a much easier day.

Thursday started a bit rough. I was having contractions 10 minutes apart, but not too hard in the morning. I was wondering, should I call David and tell him to come home? Then the contractions stopped. Oh well. Just another day. Let’s see how Friday is.

David comes home at about 5:30 and suddenly my contractions begin coming every 20-30 minutes. I keep my eye on them. They’re getting stronger and that dang back pain is coming back…a dull but ‘tangy’ pain. (I’ve always described it that if your back could taste ‘shocktarts’ then it would taste like how I was feeling the pain)…weird, I know. I work through dinner and cleaning up. I then run a couple errands around to some friends houses after the kids are down and David is doing his ‘ball’ routine….work out.I keep getting the 20 minute intervals. I stop by my friend Emilie’s house and spend a while there. She see’s I’m getting close…but I only see…contractions, and not getting closer together. I make it home at about 9pm.

9pm my contractions are now 10 minutes apart…the interval I have been waiting for! We wait an hour and time them. They’re difficult and hard. David comes and holds my hand or rubs my back during the contractions. Another hour goes by. We keep timing. I’m wondering…is it time? We get in bed and start to say our prayers. Then the doozy of all doozies come and hit me. Already holding David’s had I SQUEEZE it as tight as I can. He looks up and I say ‘It’s time to go’. He asks, ‘are you sure?’ (I think I am and I hope I am!) After a few more ‘are you sure’s’ he gets the clue that I don’t want to hear that again.

We get the kids (and the rest of the car packed) hand them off to some friends and head to the hospital which is about 45 minutes away. 20 minutes into the drive, gush! My water broke! David goes into semi-panic mode and speeds up to about 85-90 mph with hazard lights blinking. He then asks, "Are you sure you want to go to Gilbert, since it's further than Chandler?" I assure him I am wanting to stick to the plan and deliver at Mercy Gilbert. David was much more frazzled at this new situation. I was making light of the situation and ironically seemed to be more calm than David. Who should be panicing more? Luckily I had the mindset to put towels down a couple days before just in case this happened. I grabbed an extra towel just before leaving the house too, for extra protection. Boy did I need it! The contractions were now 6 minutes apart.

We arrived at Mercy Gilbert Hospital at about midnight. I was there just 6 days prior for the hospital tour. The maternity ward reminded me of the hospital where I delivered Kaylee. Nice wooden looking floors, light colors, pretty walls, wonderful nurses. We had to go through the Emergency room to get admitted, which was a bummer. There was no going right to the Maternity ward. We were down there for about 20 minutes with my contractions minuets apart and sitting on fluid soaked towels (apparently they didn’t know that my water broke). After finishing up with them (I had already pre-registered too) they sent me up to the maternity ward…and to triage!? Um…no…I’m in labor…can’t you see my wet pants!?They had to test me twice for fluid (the first test didn’t work correctly). The nurse was looking at my contractions and asking me questions (which could have been handled much easier with an epidural about now!). She checked me when I first got in and I was at a 4 ½.

After about an hour and many strong back labor pain contractions later they took me into a labor and delivery room. My contractions were about 4 minutes apart at that time. I sat there answering more questions and needing them to pause during each contraction, breathing as much as I could. They said I was doing great. They checked my progress. I was at a 7. I believe them…I was in mucho pain, and was able to keep my mouth closed! After about 20 minutes the little one thought it would be fun to push down (something he’s been known to do for a couple months now). This send me yelping and crying for help. My back, my cervix and my stomach are all ‘co-contracting’. I was holding on tight to David, looking at him thinking, what is there to do? I was saying "he's coming, he's coming. ooooowwww. help help help!" Luckily the lab people came quickly, drew my blood and the anesthiaologist came in and gave me a super quick epidural…after a few HORRIBLE contractions. I could have squeezed David’s dinner out if I wanted to! Almost instantly I felt nice warm feet…it was kicking in already! I got nauseous and felt I was about to loose it. They got me down on my side and slowly I felt better.

After a few minutes the contractions were delightful!I started asking David to bet me when the little one would be here. He didn’t want to. So I said…"I think he’ll be hereeee………by 4:30." It was a bit before 2. The nurse thought it was fun that I was trying to make a game out of it…or maybe she was glad I was glad to be out of pain. She told me when I felt a pressure in my toosh to let her know. Within 20 minutes I was telling her…I have the urge! She checked and sure enough…I was ready! So much for the 4:30 bet! Glad David didn't wage anything against my bet...I'd be the loser! They got the bed ready and made sure the doctor was on deck. We got in position and started pushing. My body was much more numb than with Cade so I couldn’t feel anything, I wasn’t sure what good I was doing. He came though, be it through the contractions alone or with mommy’s help.

He made it and we’re all in one piece…mostly. Now is the recovery time for mommy’s tired and stretched out body. We’re all healthy and happy. Need to focus on sleep and sanity for the coming weeks. It will be nice to have David home for a week and then my parents, then Kelly and finally another week with David.

David said last weekend that Thursday night would be best to go into labor. Apparently baby Conner was listening! Conner Patrick is the name so far...but that is subject to change.

Conner’s nickname is Buddy 2.0…not an upgrade to the original, just a new version.


jennaloha said...

Just go for Conner and stop thinking about it. Conner is a perfectly acceptable name.

I logged on expecting swimming pictures. What's with all the words :)

CPH said...

Congratulations...I love the name Connor! I was thrilled to read your narrative, and you wrote it just 1 day after delivering Connor…you are indeed a power-blogger:-)


AZSMITHS said...

Congratulations! Birth Stories are always so much fun!! As crazy as it sounds, it's my favorite part of being pregnant!! I love the picture of you two sleeping!!

Robyn said...

Yay, congrats! I love hearing birthing stories, and you are right--it is great to have them written down because somehow you forget stuff!

Cindy said...

Congrats Shannon! I loved reading your birth story. I should go write Coopers' down before I forget it all!

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