fun with the gardners

On our way to the pool. These first few photos were too overexposed, but I kinda like the effect it had. I had the camera on the wrong setting.
The pond by the Villages Pool. Eden, Kaylee and Cade stop to check out the ducks in the pond.
Kaylee and Eden. Wonderful friends. We're going to miss Eden and her family when they move in a few weeks.
Cade waiting for the 'key master'
Looking at the Ducks and Fishies
Kaylee and Eden kiss
eww! Wet kisses! Gotta wipe it off! Reminds me of my dad's wet kisses!'feed the birds'the duck family


Julianne said...

I know it will be hard when they leave - it's always sad to be apart from dear friends. It looks like lots of dear memories are being made - fun.

vest said...

oh how i love love love when you post these cute pics of eden and kaylee. these two girls are such cute best of friends. i love the kiss pictures. that is classic. i'm so sad they're going to, but then it'll give me a good excuse to get out to the west coast. we'll sure miss them being as close.

Rachael or Brandon said...

I get teary eyed thinking about their move. What a precious picture of the girls hugging....Rachael

smilingsarahbear said...

Those pictures are so sweet. And I LOVE your family pics. Too cute! So how are ya' doin'? I know you must be so uncomfortable but you look adorable. You really do. Hang in there. I'm excited to hear good baby news!

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