too alike

Kelly is down visiting from Utah. We've had so much fun with her down here...I think I'm enjoying it the most. A couple weeks ago I was at Deseret Book and saw a statue that were Willow Tree. One was called Anniversary and I picked that up for my Parent's anniversary which was the next week. I spied one in the back that was called 'Two Alike'. It was Perfect. Although there was nothing to celebrate when Kelly was coming to visit, I thought it was the perfect thing to get her. I picked it up with anticipation of her receiving it and her reaction. I emailed my mom showing her this photo and that I was going to give it to Kelly. She thought it was a sweet idea. A touching sister gift.

Little did I know that Kelly had the same idea. She also went to Deseret Book and picked up a Willow Tree 'Two Alike' with the same idea. She came and showed Mom the statue. Mom didn't even blink or give any clue to Kelly that I had already told her I had bought the same exact figurine (and that's a BIG deal...Mom is usually the one who can't keep a secret...she'll usually give it away by the way she acts, knowing she shouldn't tell, but can't help how excited she is). Kelly was excited to see how I reacted. Would I cry and be really touched by the gift? probably!

So I go and pick up Kelly from the airport and she starts unpacking. She says she has a gift for me. I said I had one too. I followed her into her room and she gave me 'the box.' I said, 'no, you didn't!' and just started laughing. She was confused. I then led her to the kitchen where I had the other box. We had bought the same gift for each other and we had no idea.

I guess that's as twin as you can get! I love my twin sister Kelly. We're 'too alike'.


Brooke said...

That is too funny.
If I was your mom I wouldn't give away the secret because I wouldn't remember the other one telling me...it would seem somewhat familiar...but I just wouldn't remember.

Brian & Veronica said...

Brian and I just read this together. "That's awesome!" He said laughing. That is awesome Shannon. Hilarious and uncanny. I feel like you both are just one big brain. Wow. What a story. Thanks for sharing. :) Hilarious.

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