fathers day

Kaylee, Cade and I made a nice fathers day card for David. We also gave him a movie that he likes, Eragon...he liked it...especially since the gift was only 7.50 at Target!
Enjoy the Card!
(disclaimer: not for those easily grossed out by children doing things children do)
(card front)
(card inside)
(the little boogie on Cade's finger is one I drew and glued on the card. this is, though, something that Cade is known to do often. he brings us the yuckies to throw out)
Happy Fathers Day David. We LOVE You!


Alisha B said...


I love the Father's Day card you made for David. You always have the best ideas. That is so cool that Kelly is going to be in town for a week. Have a great day!!

CPH said...

Eewww...this card leaves nothing to the imagination; such a fun idea!! I must share this with my friends with kids...they'll get a hoot.


Tammy said...

love that card! So funny, you have such a great sense of humor! And you're so creative

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