a few funny moments

This week has been fun hanging out with Kelly and seeing some friends.

On Monday we went to the Pool with Sheena and her kiddos. We got to the subject of her friend Michelle's cat....Sheena said, "So my friend Michelle's cat had puppies." We had a great laugh. Sheena is so funny, even when she's not meaning to be that funny! Her slip-ups are great! What a silly sistah!
imagine that!
Yesterday Kelly and I were driving in from town and she asked an interesting/silly question. I replied to her question with my own answer. There was silence for a moment. Then she said..."You know, a lot of the things you say really make sense. You said something yesterday that made a lot of sense too." I'm glad that someone I talk to during the day can see the sense that I have! :)

IMO, this doesn't make sense!

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