a tag

from Kelly

1. Being married to my Honeybuns, David and being able to stay at home with my kiddos and not feeling 'without needs'
2. My 2 1/2 children. The more time I spend with them the more I enjoy the time and look forward to watching them develop.
3. Having my family that I've been put with. Even my bro and sisters in law are AWESOME!

1. My back doing a 180 and taking me back to the doctor.
2. anxiety or depression that I can't control.
3. Not feeling loved or accepted.

1. To be a soother, not super mother. I want my kids to look back at their childhood with happy memories knowing that I never let my anger or frustrations control how I acted towards them. They always knew I loved them during hard and happy times.
2. To be a better support for David.
3. To fit in a size 6/8 again.

1. New styles of dresses for sunday...that I can wear pregnant and 'un'pregnant.
2. Cute jewlery or clothes ideas from Kelly, my very cool looking twin...I'm the one wearing the T-shirts and flip flops and whatever pants/skirt that isn't too dirty...she's the one is sexy heels and the cutest top and bottoms and makeup ever!!
3. I love to shop, but don't get out much.

1. I sleep with earplugs...I'm a light sleeper.
2. I have my own workshop...and built it too along with with electrical.
3. I ALWAYS have to do my hair and makeup....I need to be 'put together' so when David comes home, he comes home to a bootiful wife and home! If you ever see me without one or both, then it's been a horrible day!

whoops....forgot to tag someone else:
Brooke, Emilie, Julianne (double whammy!), Sheena

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