he's still a he

I had an OB appointment today to get an ultrasound and a checkup. I had taken my glucose test a week ago so I also was going to find out if all was well with that. It turns out that he is still a he. No surprises for that. When we first looked at his leg he was all curled up tightly, but his 'little boy parts' were poking out...so that was that. It's definately a boy. For my glucose test it came back a bit elevated....I was a 152 and the cut off point is 145. I need to go in for the 3 hour test...grrr. She said possibly that it is just nothing, but to be sure, I need to get it done. I also got my rhogam shot too since I'm rH negative. Fun times.

In this photo you can see little dudes right arm in front of his face. The chord is right in front of his nose. You can see his eye and nose...like a side profile.

Here you can see his face...with a nice little chunky nose. Cade had a cute chunky nose when he was born. His forearm is also in front of his jaw and so is some of the chord. He was jumping off the walls. The radiologist was amazed at how active he was.
Currently he is breach, but he has pleanty of time to turn and get comfortable. Currently I'm supposed to be a bit over 27 weeks but they say that he's measuring at 29 weeks...a bit over 2 pounds. 94th percentile.
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Brian & Veronica said...

hey, those are great pictures! thanks for sharing and congrats on him still being a boy! :)

Breehan said...

I'm so excited for you!!! It's weird that just last year I was pregnant. My little one is 6 months, the time goes by fast. I love the cool pictures of the ultrasound, he is going to be so cute.

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