more of momma's helpers

Cade has been very interested in the washing machine. He loves to pull up anything that he can stand on just to watch the clothes agitate in the washer. Today Kaylee got into the action. She helped load the clothes in and had tons of fun watching it with Cade.
Cute little bum bum helpers!
Hopefully this excitement over chores lasts well into their chore years! Just wait...when you're 12 you'll do your own laundry!


Kelly Anderson said...

Tell them their Auntie will pinch those cheeks next month!! Tiger is coming.....ROAR!!

Shannon said...

Funny thing is, Kelly, that Kaylee loves to play tiger. Cade is the tiger and he roars and chases Kaylee around. It's pretty cute. Now they can get some more official training from the expert!

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