farewell pool party

Tonight we all had tubbies together. I had to make sure to get this last 'pool party' captured. It seems like Kaisa isn't sure about all this commotion. Kaisa looks pretty comfy in Lynnea's arms. Lynnea, the great protector of her little sister.
We've had a fun week....and a long week.
When Jared and Rachel came home about 9pm Lynnea and Kaylee were still awake in their room playing around. Lynnea was so excited to see her mommy and daddy again. She let them know that she loves Kaylee but "I don't like Cade." It's true, Lynnea and Cade butted heads one too many times for many different reasons, mostly ridiculous reasons. That's what you get with two 2 year olds. When Kaisa was woken up she seemed shocked to see her parents again. She kept glancing at me and David to see what might be going on. "Wait a second...If these are my parents, then who are you?" They must have been happy to be back in their good old beds once again. I can't wait to see how the kids react to us when we see them again. Will they run for their parents, afraid to be taken away, or will they ask to live with us another week (but only if Cade isn't there)? :)

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