momma's little helper

Cade is in love with Kaisa. He's so gentle with her. He loves to get in her face and smile at her, but that can get annoying to her which makes her upset.
I was busy getting stuff cleaned up after lunch and Cade came over to Kaisa who was wanting more strawberries and he started giving her the little pieces that I had on my cutting board. What a cute little helper. Kaisa was very happy for the generous cousin that wasn't eating her food, but instead giving it to her. For Cade, that's a HUGE thing!

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Kelly Anderson said...

I want to kiss his chubby cheeks!!

Julianne said...

That is so sweet, he is such a good guy.

Morgan said...

Is that a bumbo?? I wrote an ode... and my, aren't yur kids kute!


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