self inflicted torture

Yesterday we had some frun friends over. Emilie came over with Eden and Avi and brought over two other favorite friends of ours...Brody and Ashton. Somehow Ashton and Cade got into a precarious position and began whining. We came in to see them locked down unwillingly and unable to get loose. Ashton looks pretty cool with the whole thing, but Cade's face is all scrunched up...it's too cute when he does that. He's just so munchable! xoxo
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Tammy said...

This is too cute. It's funny how many times kids get themselves in a pickle. I am so glad I found you're blog. This is Tammy from your mom's ward in Orem. Well I don't live there now, but I am glad to see you are still doing well. These pics are really cute. I like your blog! You can check us out at www.candtfam.blogspot.com

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