aint nutin purdier than a purdy girl wif purdy shoes

I was at target the other day and just to fancy my imagination I strolled by the shoe section to take a gander at my favorite shoes that I'd love to buy Kaylee but they were too expensive for my taste. Finally I saw that they were in the clearance section and marked down to 6 bucks! AND, they were in her size....well, a size larger, but that's all the better...she'll wear them longer!
She loves to dance to some hip music and requested her pretty tutu and I thought it would be fun for her to try out the new shoes. They're so cute. I think she gets the cute shoe wearing talent from auntie Kelly.
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Alisha Boyles said...


I can't seem to find your email address so I am writing on your blog. Well, Tony has been healing pretty good but this last week was a little rough. Tony got pretty sick so I ended up taking him to the hospital and we spent the last 3 days there and the Dr's have been trying to figure out what is going on..... We got released today and after a EKG, CT scan, spinal tap, and every other test you can think of they still don't know what is going on. So, that is a little frustrating but other than that we are doing pretty good. How are you doing? I love to read your blog and see pictures of your kiddos. How are you feeling? How does David like his new job?

Talk to you later.

Sheena said...

Hello!! I love Kaylee, I am glad there are to "pistols" in our group of friends ;-) She is beautiful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes too, I wish I had them for Janae. I keep thinking I want to cut Janae's hair like Kaylee's, but that is kind of a family trademark. hehe Love ya see you tomorrow...have fun at the shower!

Kelly Anderson said...

Yes, yes she does.

Dick and Fran Price said...

Reminds me of two little girls Kaylee's age enjoying being ballerinas - Kelly and Shannon.


Brian & Veronica said...

so cute shannon. Love those shoes. I stroll the shoe isles myself every time I'm at target and I'm so excited to be able to finally look at the girl shoes. So darling. Darling picture and I especially love the polka-dots! V

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