Kaylee sure had an experience at school today. While in the little bathroom in her school room the toilet blew out on her. Her teacher was standing right next to the door and saw all this water spray out. She came out of the bathroom and told her teacher, "I made a booboo." At first Kaylee was laughing along with the teacher and her aides, but soon she was crying and kept saying she was scared. Poor Kaylee got her pants and shoes and socks all wet. Thank goodness there was an extra change of shorts and shoes in her bag. When I got Kaylee from school she described the toilet fiasco as a 'pshhhhh' sound and kept saying, "Mommy, I'm scared." It was too cute though. I could tell that when the teacher and I were talking about it and giggling that Kaylee was a bit embarassed.

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Brian & Veronica said...

sick, just sick. What on earth made the toilet do that?! Glad she had extra clothes, but I wanted there to be an explanation at the end about them fixing it or what caused it. Sick. Glad she's o.k. Now that it's over it is quite hilarious. Poor thing! :)

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