sorrowful days

two dear friends

two birthdays

two ugly scenes of whaling and gnashing of teeth

mourning the loss

First:  Monica, my dear Monica.  Moving away from us was bad enough...now you need to have a birthday so far away from us so we can't tease you!?  not fair.....one.  bit.

Monica's personal favorite: thought I would include a large edition for y'all.

Here's how our little sneaky plan went though:  Although you're miles and miles away....you're only 2 miles from my Sneaky Parents!

I read on Monica's blog that no one has shown up at her place wearing all black, with eye makeup running, a sympathy card, and funeral flowers.

I get this GENIUS idea!

I call my mom, and ask her to do this HUGE favor.  Dress up in black...both mom and dad....run some makeup on her face, bring over a sympathy card, and ugly bunch of flowers...and serenade her.

My dad's song: happy birthday.  happy birthday.  death and sickness in the air.  people dying everywhere.  happy birthday.  happy birthday.  sung monotone and quite sadly.  My mom was supposed to be there 'crying'.  they brought a bunch of old dead twigs that my dad sprayed black....and a touching 'somewhat' sympathy card.


the woman of honor had skipped town on us and some husband of hers treated her to a birthday dinner of some sort.....the nerve!

My parents left the 'bouquet' and card for her to find.

I called and 'sang' the song....with a cry in my voice....but couldn't keep it long.  I started busting up the last couple words.  

I also sent her these beautiful photos of yours truly, so she knew she was being mourned.

we really do miss you Mon.  'gravely!'

now for the second victim...the very next day!

Miss ROBYN!!!!!!  Turning the big THREE OOOOH!

the cake of misery:

the whole gang together.....


jenna, seriously....love this expression!  getting that penny from the bottom of the tights....classic.

catch those pencils....and Chelsey, never takes a bad photo...even when she's concentrating!  such beauty!  such grace!

jen....proof that there were some sweet fails!  love the pencils flying everywhere!

wingardian levosia...it must be a trick only 30+ can do!

get 6 noodles on a spaghetti noodle....

Cade wanted to be in on the action....with the help of mommy....

at my personal best, and Robyn pulling a disgusted face.  just love it!

(and to be honest, this is the most flattering 'unflattering' photo of myself EVER!)


Dick said...

Looks like a great party....You guys really know how to have fun in AZ

ckm said...

Cracking up!!!

Robyn said...

Shannon, you are one of the coolest, most fun, most talented people I know. Thank you for making my 30th (ouch) birthday very memorable, fun, and super embarrassing.

Robyn said...

And it is one of the most unflattering unflattering pictures of me ever. So glad it is on Facebook for all my old boyfriends to see. They'll be glad they found another wife.

Graves Family said...

i am laughing so hard! this last one should be yours and robins facebook pics, it's the best! miss you guys.

kelly anderson said...

oh my... shannon. haha!

Em said...

hey party animal. miss you guys! can I come back now?

Shannon said...

ummmm...Em, we actually never gave you permission to leave!

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