hazards in photography

it's dangerous working for Jake.

every morning after a long (but fun) work day assisting Jake I can hardly walk straight and my muscles are aching from all that lifting, or bending...or whatever Jake makes me do!  I need to make sure to read up on labor laws to make sure I'm not being short handed! ;)  (and Jake, not sure if Tami told you this, but my ringtone for you when you call....Ants Go Marching by Dave Mathews...so fitting)

here is just one of the many hazards when you're forced into hard labor, in the 109 degree heat in no shade....but some of the perks: a box fan to blow warm (but not hot) air at you, air pressure continuous spray bottles to keep me soaking wet and cool (Ben did a great job of that....and also pouring ice water on my bandanna....unexpected to say the least)....good times.

but it's totally worth it!  every back pain (maybe), achy muscle, sprained ankle, black eye, dislocated shoulder, electric shock.....ok not ALL those, but most of those are true! 

It's wonderful working with amazing friends, and learning some great things about photography along the way.

 friends to goof around with.....if only Kelly were here too.  We'd be too much for you though, Jake.  better keep it one at a time.

It's been officially ONE YEAR since I've started photography seriously (took Jakes Audios Auto course) and learned the manual modes for photography...I took the leap and Auto is a distant memory.  I've never looked back.  I still have so much to learn, but I am so pleased with my progress and the willingness that the Johnson's have to teach me and trust my assistance and work for them.

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kelly anderson said...

haha! totally one twin at a time.. and whom ever said blondes have more fun? it's more like twins have more fun! xox.

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