teacher gifts

my amazingly creative sister Corin has done this for her kids teachers when they are young...in the earlier grades.  I thought it would be a fun tradition to start as well.

I got some pretty flowers from the store and created a name and information about the plant...specific to each kiddo.

Cade had his last day of school on Tuesday...and his teacher Ms. Becky got this cute flower from Cade.

(if you can't tell by those puffy eyes...I just woke him up for the bus!...now, why don't you sleep in on the weekend?)

what Cade's card said:

Cade Williams
Chunky Cheek-ina snugglemolia

This handsome flower has been known to smile at any and every fun thing with a twinkle in his eye.
  His sweet hugs will make you to never want to let go.

Description: Hazel almond shaped eyes, bottom toofless grin, and short brown hair.

How he grew: Showered with lots of love from his wonderful Preschool Teacher. Loved coloring and playing and making little friends.
  He can't wait until next year!

Related Species: Kaylee and Conner

Kaylee had the wonderful Mrs. Pierson.  She is going to have her first baby and it's a girl...hence the little bear gift along with the flowers.

Kaylee LOVED LOVED LOVED kindergarten and especially her wonderful teacher.
I remember when I was younger that I loved my teachers too.  Glad to see that carry on with her.

(mom, the sun is hurting my eyes!)

what Kaylee's card said:

Kaylee Williams
singing and giggle-ina dancermolia

This precious flower has been known suddenly please the ears with sweet tunes and demonstrate graceful dances.
  Her sweet smile is only sweetened by her coloful hugs.

Description: Dark brown eyes framed by pinkish glasses...to only accentuate her eyes.  Cute brown hair cut in a bouncy bob.  Almost always is adorned in pink...a favorite color.

How she grew: Showered with lots of love from her wonderful Kindergarten Teacher. Loved SINGING and playing and making sweet little friends.
  She's excited for 1st Grade!

Related Species: Cade and Conner


ckm said...

SUPER love it!

kelly anderson said...


Cassandra Romney said...

That is such a super cute idea! You did a great job! Im sure they were very happy to give them to there teachers!

AZSMITHS said...

Those are great ideas

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